ProFile Discovery - State-of-the-Art E-Discovery Technology

Welcome to ProFile Discovery!

ProFile Discovery recognizes the amount of data and the type of data can vary greatly from case to case. For that very reason we believe in staying at the forefront of legal discovery tools, and offering multiple software platforms to best meet your e-discovery technology needs.

Litigation support favors electronic processing, however ProFile Discovery is aware of all your needs, not just the flashy ones. That is why Profile still offers traditional document services such as document scanning, high speed printing, along with ESI, Forensics, and Review platform hosting services.

Our superior management teams help you stay in front of your data by offering free consultations on forensic data preservation and collection. In-house specialists are available to collect electronic data from computer hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, servers, web-based e-mail accounts, websites, and
social media.

At ProFile Discovery we strive to offer a start to finish solution for your
litigation support needs.

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